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On April 1, 2013, Flint Hills Vacations, LLC, was launched. Flint Hills Vacations, LLC, is premier equestrian based tourism in the Flint Hills of Kansas. The hills stretch across 22 counties and measure about 200 miles in length and about 80 miles in width. These Kansas Flint Hills are reputed to have nearly 200 bird species and almost 60 mammal species. Its unique soil structure and soil types have limited agricultural activities principal to ranching, making the Kansas Flint Hills the largest remaining tallgrass prairie in North America.

Over the years, the beauty of the Flint Hills has been recognized as an asset that could, if leveraged right, support economic development for the communities and the people of the region. The purpose of Flint Hills Vacations, LLC, is to bring property owners and adventurous travelers together for an unforgettable experience.

A study commissioned by the American Horse Council in 2005 found that there are about 9.2 million horses in the United States, ranging from racing, showing, recreation and working horses. Combine this with a significant growth in rural and agri-tourism, and Flint Hills Vacations, LLC, becomes a viable venture for economic development.


Flint Hills Vacations, LLC, will be structured to manage the marketing and promotion of the Flint Hills equestrian tourism and recreation activities jointly with lodging facilities, food service providers from fine dining to chuckwagon fare, hiking, biking, entertainers, artists, and everything to do with equestrian tourism, such as ranches, riding accessories and wranglers, and anyone who wants to benefit and contribute to the viability of tourism and recreation in the Flint Hills. This will be a quality controlled, membership driven venture that will assure the adventurous traveler the best the Flint Hills of Kansas has to offer.

The Mission of Flint Hills Vacations, LLC, is to provide guests with authentic Flint Hills experiences at their own pace through collaborative customization of offerings with its member organizations. Please contact Suzan Barnes, CTC, at [email protected], 620-273-6763 (work) or 620-341-2767 (cell) for more information.