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Robbins Ranch



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The Robbins Ranch at Hymer, Kansas was purchased in 1941 by Edward C. and Richard W. Robbins.  Ed and Richard established their partnership in 1935 and at their peak owned and operated over 200,000 acres of grass, mostly in western Kansas and down into Oklahoma.  They also managed 15,000 head of Hereford cattle.  Two other brothers, William and Martin were active in the operation and their sister, Florence Robbins Koger maintained the headquarters home in Belvidere, KS.  Ed and Richard were both very active in politics and livestock circles.

Ed never married, but he helped raise his sister, Florence Robbins Koger’s, three sons.  Evan, the middle son, worked for his Uncle Ed and eventually inherited and took over the complete operation when Ed passed away in 1967.  Having moved to Chase County in the early 1950’s to monitor the Chase County land; Evan met and married Betty Beedle Howard.  Betty Beedle was born and raised in a prominent Chase County ranching family from Bazaar, KS.  Evan and Betty continued to purchase and manage Chase County land and a cow/calf operation.  In addition, they raised five children.  Their youngest daughter, Kay Koger Lauer, owned and managed the 5400 acre Robbins Ranch at Hymer, KS from the early 1980’s until her three sons recently took over the ownership.  

The Robbins Ranch is a family operation.  Kay’s oldest son, Billy Lauer and Adrian Vogel, a close family friend, manage the day to day operations of the ranch today.  Their wives, Lisa Davis Lauer and Abbey Barnes Vogel are also integral partners in the business. Billy and Adrian also include their children in the day to day operation as permitted, teaching them about the rich heritage of the land and the area they call home.

Billy and Adrian currently run steers and heifers weighing between five and six hundred pounds on the ranch for 90 days.  The cattle generally come in around April 15 and are shipped out around July 15.    During that time frame they have to doctor sick cattle, maintain fences and water gaps, make sure mineral feeders are filled up and many other tasks’ to run a smooth and productive operation.  

Kay’s other two sons; Joe and Jim Lauer are students at Emporia State University in Emporia, KS.  They are both studying business and becoming involved with the business aspect of the Robbins Ranch.